It's not just programming

Computer Science is a multi-faceted field with strong connections in theory and practice to solve the problems of today and build the future of tomorrow.

Big Ideas of Computer Science

Creativity and computing are prominent forces in innovation, facilitating exploration and creation of computational artifacts and new knowledge to help solve a wide-variety of problems.
Everyone uses abstraction on a daily basis to manage complexity. Abstraction is a process to reduce detail to focus on concepts relevant to understanding and solving problems.  It is a model of the world used to communicate with people and machines.
People use computers and computation to translate, process, and visualize raw data and to create information, and understanding this information contributes knowledge to the world.  The management and interpretation of the data is useful from art to business to science, and is a vital part of the economy.
Algorithms are used to develop and express solutions to computational problems. Secure data transmission and quick access to large amounts of information are examples of implementation of algorithms. It is a fundamental aspect of computer science and they can be analyzed empirically or mathematically.
Programming enables problem solving, human expression, and creation of knowledge. It results in the creation of software and facilitates the creation of computational artifacts including music, images and visualizations.

Programs translate human intention into computational artifacts.

Internet-based systems have had a profound impact on society.

Collaboration and communication using computer networks are critical in the ongoing development of computational solutions, but concerns such as cyber security and cyber crime are not yet fully solved.

Our methods for communicating, collaborating, problem solving, and doing business are changing due to innovations enabled by computer science.

Computational approaches lead to new understandings, and new discoveries, even in other industries and fields of study.


AP Computer Science Principles, Course Description, Fall 2016